is a Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Fashion and Home Décor Boutique. Its vision is to open an understanding and appreciation for the MENA culture in Asia Pacific by connecting people of different cultures and regions through fashion and interior decoration.

Maghrebi is also home to Singapore’s one and only North African décor House. Headquartered in Singapore with a boutique store and an online international market, it’s a one stop destination to experience all the exotic fashion and craftsmanship from turkey to morocco and everything in between.

Maghrebi incorporates MENA’s designs into local fashion wear showcasing exquisite pieces for both women and men. Home Décor items are personally curated and sourced from artisans all over the MENA region. Each individually handcrafted making each piece unique to its own. From Antique plates that makes a beautiful centerpiece to contemporary tagines, handmade Berber carpets and more. These functional yet stylish products adds a touch of colour and glamour to your space.