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You can now enjoy your favorite home fragrances whilst on the road. Transform your car journey with our range of unique car fragrances. These car fragrance are versatile and can also be hung in your closet and other places to give a lasting fresh scent. Available in six scents to suit you and your mood and 3 colours; Gold, Silver and Black. Each bottle will last you approximately 30-40 days

Net volume: 10ml

Net Weight: 45g

 Amber Musk  Vanilla, Orchid, Lemon, Musk
 Cinnamon Orange  Cinnamon, Orange flower
 Fleur de Orange  Orange Flower
 Moroccan Rose  Rose
 Orient  Orchid, Cinnamon
 Verveine  Lemon, Verbena Flower
Velvet Oud Agarwood Oil, Rose, Eugenol
Baby Powder Vanilla, Bergamot, Powder, Musk, Cedar , Violet

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