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This functional yet stylish traditional Moroccan teapot is made with stainless steel, silver brass and engraved with traditional motifs.  It is durable and retains heat well to keep your drink hot or cold for a longer period of time.  The Moroccan teapot comes in various serving sizes*. The Moroccan teapot makes a perfect pair with the moroccan teaglasses as a stunning decor in the kitchen.

  • Size is based by the number of Moroccan tea glass (30ml) served per teapot. Eg; Size 3 – 3 Moroccan tea glasses (90ml) , Size 5 – 5 Moroccan tea glasses (150ml)
  • Teapot comes in 2 designs, with legs (best for brewing on fire stove) and without legs (best for brewing on flat stove top)
Teapot SizeDimension (L x W x H)WeightVolume
Size 317.5cm x 9cm x 15cm270g90ml
Size 5
19cm x 10cm x 17cm320g150ml
Size 6
20cm x 11cm x 18cm440g
Size 923cm x 13cm x 21cm550g
Size 12
24cm x 15cm x 22cm730g360ml

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