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This oriental scented fragrance oil will fill your living space with a soothing and velvety Oud and Rose aroma providing a tranquil and calming atmosphere at home. Velvet Oud fragrance oil is rich and textural, wrapped with smoky oud wood and spiked with rose, clove, and hints of saffron. This exotic, peaceful scent is used as a royal fragrance, deep meditation as well as reduce anxiety, stress, depression and other nervous system disorders.

Using an oil burner – Add a few drops of oil into hot water mixture
Diffuser – add in a few drops of oil into a water mixture
Potpouri – Add in a few drops to potpourri.

Ingredients: Agarwood Oil, Rose, Eugenol,
Volume: 60 ml

Made in Morocco

Remarks: Our fragrance oils are 100% concentrated. For external use only. Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from fire. 

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